Aasimar warrior


Sketch281121736.pngKai was raised in Minores, a small town bordering New Adyta, with his father and mother. Kai’s father, Aearrion, was an aasimar who could trace his lineage to Archon Etherron, and he abandoned his high social status for his wife, the tiefling Eadlyn. He was a paladin in service to Archon Vanathar’s personal guardsmen, and now works as a miner to provide for his family.
At a young age, Kai became a trouble-child, getting involved with a gang of trouble-makers, and has since gained himself a criminal record, and his parent’s constant worry. He was nearly crippled on his latest attempt to break into the city of New Adyta, and from this he seems to have only gained a greater contempt for authority. He sets out now to free his old flame from her seemingly indefinite prison sentence within the walls of New Adyta’s prison.



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