Cleric of Trithereon


Morah is tough, hard and clever. She’s survived the wilderness of Tearmanna, and much, much worse. She is no stranger to conflict and has no qualms stepping in to help, or to hurt, when she deems it necessary.


“We cannot help how we are born, only how we live. Our race does not make us who we are.”

Morah is an outcast, to her knowledge, she always has been and always will be. The only creature she considers a friend is her pseudodragon, Lyth. She was drawn to the worship of Trithereon by its promise of freedom and retribution and although she is quick to distrust, she is also slow to judge.
She once sought to ally herself against the infernal forces with Archon Vanathar, who rebuked her, and now believes the burden of Tearmanna’s salvation rests on her shoulders alone.


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